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Day 13: What is Distracting You?

Before going into the month, God placed it on my heart to do 30 Days of Intentionality, but I just kept finding things to do that distracted me from focusing on the work it took to bring this challenge to fruition.  As I shared before, it took months before I even began.  And even now that it has begun, I have faced so many challenges that all started with a little distraction.  From family wanting my attention or attendance when I should be focusing on something else, to work matters... to even my A/C going out during this 100+ degree weather and all of my butter products melting!  (I'm sure you can only imagine how *hot* that made me (literally) and how much of a distraction it was as well. *Insert fuming emoji here*

Listen.. as I was writing this blog, I even got distracted!  Popped on social media to check my messages and somehow ended up on there for 20 whole minutes.  And the distraction didn't just impact how long it would take to write this blog.. it now also affects me sending out an email and cleaning my house on this beautiful Saturday morning so I can get out the house for the plans we have with my father. Talk about how distractions can just change the whole trajectory of your day.

To continue sharing how distractions are all around us, I'm going to share a story of something that happened last year when I was leading 30 Days of Intentionality in April -  

"I started getting low on stock so I ordered more jars for my body butters.  As time passed, I also got low on ingredients and supplies needed to make many other products.  It's been nearly a month since I placed the order for my jars and bottles, but I have yet to see them.  This started to get to me because all I could think about was not being able to make more products for my customers.  I can't update my inventory on the website and I definitely can't go to Soda City market without any products.  Which means, I also can't make money.  So what became the distraction? Worry. Worry about how I would pay my bills.  But over the weekend, something hit me.  My focus right now shouldn't even be on making products.  Even though I may not have some of the products and sizes that I would like, I still have some things on the site. I also serve a God who can provide all of my needs.  So instead of being distracted by worry, my focus right now should be on 30 Days of Intentionality and all the other ventures I should be working on that have taken a back seat to distraction.

The minute I came to accept the things I can't change and actually worked toward the other things I should spend my time focusing on, guess what happened.. my shipment came in!  But I still have to remind myself what is important in this moment so I can reach my goals and live on purpose."

So as you can see, distractions are all around us.  No matter who you are or what you do, distractions are always there.  The key is, are you giving into your distractions or are you going to be intentional and eliminate the distractions that are preventing (or hindering) you from reaching your purpose? 

So again, I ask you... what is distracting you? 🖤




"Look straight ahead and fix your eyes on what lies before you.  Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways." - Proverbs 4:25-26

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