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A Story of Intention

Queen Naturals started on a personal journey of wanting to live a more intentional life. On this journey, one of the first things I wanted to do was be more intentional about the products I used on my skin and in my hair.  I began to learn about the harmful ingredients in many of my favorite hair and skin care products.  By this time, I had also spent all of my life struggling to find effective products that would satisfy my hair & skin care needs.  My hair was always dry and my skin never stayed moisturized for longer than an hour.  These issues coupled with the scarcity of products uniquely created for brown girls like me led to the creation of a product of my own.


It first started with shea butter. That shea butter grew into a full line of natural hair and skin care products. I never intended to start a business out of this.  But the demand grew high as more and more people wanted to know what I was using in my hair and on my skin.. thus, the creation of Queen Naturals by Dee. 


Creating these products started out of passion, but that passion grew into purpose as I began making products for Queens like you.  Through Queen Naturals, I pray God continues to ignite my passion in hair and skin care so I can continue to create the best products for you.  Not just so you can look and feel good on the outside.. but to cultivate self-love on the inside as well. 



Be intentional, in all ways.


Love, D'Andra (Dee)


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